One of people’s complaints when it comes to moving is that it’s a long and laborious process. Aside from looking for a new home, there are legal papers to work on. After working on the legal papers, the long process of packing and moving starts. It doesn’t just happen on one week; preparation takes many weeks before the moving time. If it’s your first time, you are lucky to find this article. First-timers need guidance to be able to pull off the heavy task. Follow the tips below.  

Start Early 

No matter how experienced you are with packing, the actual process takes longer. You think you can do it in a week, you’re wrong. Packing for travel even takes a whole day; imagine packing all the belongings in your house for a move. It is better to start many weeks before the moving date. It’s also better to create a packing schedule so you would know what to pack in a day. Start with the least used items in the house first.  

Pack Strategically 

To pack efficiently is to pack strategically. Do not just pack whatever you saw on your house. Once you’re done with packing, mark the boxes according to the room. For example, prepare a box for the living room, for the kitchen and for the bedroom. Mark the boxes with a number so you would know how many boxes you have packed. This is also to keep track if you have lost items or not. Pack another set of belongings you will need for your first day on the new house. For example; towels, clothes and toiletries.  

Save on Boxes 

As much as possible, we want to cut some costs. In a move, you will spend money on hiring a moving company across country, packing supplies and materials, travel costs and other expenses. To save, get used boxes on your local store. When you unpack your things, do not crumple the boxes so other people can reuse them for free.  

Don’t be Heavy 

Other people think that large boxes should be for big and heavy belongings but this myth is not true. Large boxes should be filled with light belongings. The heavy ones should be put on small boxes. If you fill big boxes with heavy stuff, there’s a big chance that it will break. Guess what, it will slow the process down.  

Designate a Packing Room 

Once you decide to start packing, designate a packing room or space. It could be a least used space or room on your house. It will serve as your packing station where you put the boxes and other packing supplies.  

Don’t Pack Air 

Do not empty your dressers and closets. This is one of the mistakes of people who move. It will only add packing time and space. If the closets and dressers are empty, fill them, do not unpack them. This way, you would save space on the moving truck and you don’t have to unpack and pack the clothes again once you arrive on your new home.