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With a hydrogen engine there is no need to spend lots of money on fuel. That would be one huge benefit when you figure that most of us are being hit very hard in the pocketbook right now. Gasoline ranges up to $3 per gallon in many areas. For vehicles to become more fuel efficient we have to find ways to cut that. An estimated 25 billion gallons of oil could be saved annually with such a change.

Consumers are also getting hit due to trains and semi trucks having high fuel costs right now. With hydrogen engine opportunities that would be slashed. As a result the high overhead that is passed along to consumers with the goods they buy could be significantly reduced. Then we could all enjoy more money in our pocket. Right now though we are obligated to pay high prices for the basic necessities we need.

The changes to a hydrogen engine could help vehicle manufactures sell more vehicles too. There are certainly many consumes that would be interested in them if they price was right. Of course right now it costs a very high amount, more than $100,000 to create one. Yet there are hopes that ways to get the hydro power into these vehicles for less will occur that is just as reliable.

Vehicles may last longer too when the use of fuel isn’t part of the equation. Imagine being able to drive your vehicle thousands of more miles without it breaking down. In the end this will save you money. It could also mean your vehicles lasts you several years longer with a hydrogen engine than it otherwise would.

Our relationships with other countries hasn’t always been good. We don’t want to continue being dependent on many of them for oil. The high cost that they charge is ridiculous but we pay it due to the demand for oil. We can reduce problems with huge oil spills in our waters too when we no longer have a need to import so much of it in the future.

The only product that a hydrogen engine offers is water. This means that there won’t be any harmful emissions getting into the air when people drive such vehicles. With the number of people and vehicles out there on the road today this is very important. We may have a solution here that can help ensure the environment is better for future generations than it is right now.

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