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What is HHO Fuel?

Posted by admin on Dec-16-2010 under Alternative Fuel Sources, HHO, HHO Fuel Cell

Any vehicle that relies on HHO fuel is able to use water to create energy for movement. There have been many interesting stories about these vehicles, and they can be quite interesting. What has put a damper on it though is that some of the people asking for investment funds in the past were only scamming people – not using the funds for the research.

There has been a great deal of hype about HHO fuel and many of the claims have been challenged. As a result some people have lost trust in it really being a type of fuel that could one day operate vehicles. There are those that speculate the government has tried to hide the benefits of HHO fuel though. This is so that the consumers out there will continue spending lots of money on fuel. The government gets a high percentage of money from fuel taxes that they don’t want to lose.

Determining what is true and what is rumor though can be tough when it comes to HHO fuel. Many scientists and experts in research do believe that this source of energy could one day be one that we operate vehicles on. This is due to the use of hydrogen as well because it will be converted into water and then changed into energy.

The problem though is that the process is very detailed. Fine tuning the mixture so that it is going to work well is important. The temperature of the vehicle as well as the outdoor temperate can alter when the condensing of the hydrogen would turn it into water. Discovering a method that would make it possible to get that to occur consistently at the same time in vehicles is proving to be very difficult.

HHO fuel is also hard to create into cells. The cost of creating a vehicle with such technology would easily cost more than $100,000. That makes it a vehicle that wouldn’t be cost effective for consumers to purchase. There is also the risk of the vehicle catching on fire. However, new methods of controlling this are also being studies. The goal is to make HHO fuel reliable and affordable to be used consistently.

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