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What is a hybrid car in the first place?

All many really know about a hybrid car is that we all want one for the amount of money we would be saving on gas each and every month. So through out this post we are going to go into detail on what a hybrid car really is and other ways you can save money on fuel with out having to buy a brand new hybrid car that is out of your price range.

What Is A Hybrid Car

A hybrid car is a simple term for a vehicle that using two or more power sources.  The most popular combination is the electric-gas hybrid. While ford has recently came up with a new type of hybrid with the ford fusion. The fusion is a well as you have probably guessed already fusion-gas as it two power sources. The one not many know about is the hydrogen-gas hybrids. As you can guess the hydrogen-gas hybrids use both hydrogen gas and regular gas. This is obtained through a fuel cell.

Many are often confused by hybrid cars as electric cars.  However hybrids are gas burning vehicles which reuse electric or other forms of power from the vehicle that would have other wise been wasted.  Typically the diesel-electric hybrids would be more fuel-efficient then the regular gas- electric hybrid. Although hybrid systems and diesel engines will bring you added cost when installing and converting your current vehicles to a hybrid using one of these methods.

What Hybrid Car Options Do I Have?

When considering a hybrid car you have a few options available to you. First option you can use is simple just go out and buy one of these hybrid cars like the chevy volt, ford fusion, or toyota prius. However buying any one of these cars brand new will set you back at least thirty thousand dollars. This is not too economical for many with how bad economy has been.

Option two pay a mechanic to install all the components needed to convert you current car to a hybrid. While this option is far more feasible for many. You are still looking at around ten thousand dollars for all the parts and labor. Not to mention there really isn’t to many mechanic shops around who specialize in hybrid technology.

Option three DIY as hard as it is to believe you could purchase all the parts and install them yourself. So long as you have the right hybrid car guide to do so. The guides range in price I have seen some of them go for as low as $70. However I have also seen these same guides go for as much as $180. Depending on the hybrid car guide you choose you would be looking in the range of $130-400 for the parts and guide combined if you where to convert your current car to a hybrid.

If you choose to go the diy hybrid car route we recommend the run auto with water guide. This guide will cost you $67 and another $50-80 for the parts. With the run car on water guide you will actually be getting three of these guides in one with some very good bonuses. The guides range in difficulty so that even the person with no mechanical skills at all can build the fuel cell that will be going in the car. All the way to a guide that is only meant for mechanics who are looking to get into a brand new industry.

If you’ve been looking to convert your car to an alternative fuel source (or to build a HHO gas Generator or a HHO Dry Cell Device to help save on your fuel bill and own hydrogen fueled cars) these are the guides we recommend:

Click Here to Visit Run Auto With Water – The #1 Guide

Click Here to Visit Gas 4 Free – The #2 Guide

Click Here to Read Our Reviews of All of the Top 3 Guides

Either Run Auto With Water (#1 on our Hydrogen fueled cars review page) or Gas 4 Free (#2 on our Hydrogen fueled cars review page) will make it easier for you to really learn about DIY HHO Gas Generators!

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