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Genesis Hydrogen Generator Complete Kit

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Genesis Hydrogen Generator Complete Kit

Genesis Hydrogen Generator Complete KitHere is a hydrogen generator built in its simplest form, taken and expanded from the Water4Gas technology. The Genesis is designed for those who want to get their feet wet and start improving on fuel economy without spending a lot of money to get results. The unit is self-contained and is quite simple to install and operate.

We have hundreds of success stories and our customers love our technical help. We are not afraid to answerer our phones here at Hydrogen Water Cars. All of our generators are built with 316 stainless steel, this includes the washers and nuts and this will save you money in the long run as you will not see corrosion.

We use quality components and craftsmanship so we can stand behind our products. You can feel comfortable purchasing from Hydrogen-Generators-USAdotcom, we sell no fluff just honesty. Dimensions – 4 ½ inches wide x 12 ½ Tall Over 44 Feet of 316L Stainless Steel Wire Housing Is Made Of Tough Plastic & Will Not Melt or Break & Stays Air Tight Quality O-Rings & Neoprene Washers – Unit Does Not Leak Your Getting One Of The Best Enhancers Out There, Our MAP OR MAF Sensor Enhancers Are Made According To The Water4Gas Specifications – But We Have Added A Safety Feature Which Allows You To Turn Off Your HHO Generator When Set To Factory.

Professionally Printed UV Resistant Label Brushed Stianless Steel Look. **What’ In The Box -Generator -MAP Or MAF Sensor Enhancer & 40′ of Electrical Wire In 4 Different Colors -Fuel Grade 1/4″ Hose 5′ – Red And Black 14 awg Wire – 10′ Each – Relay 40/50 5 Pin With Relay Harness – In-line Fuse With Holder & 20 amp Fuse – Spark Arrestor – Hose Clamps – Wire Connectors and Wire Rings – “Y” Connectors – Cable Ties Feel free To Call With Questions!

This is one of the cheapest hydrogen generator kits you will find on the market. However there is still the ability to build your own from scratch. Building your own would save you around $100 but before you take on the task you would need the proper guide to show you everything that is needed and step by step build/install instructions. If this is the first time you are using one of these devices to help increase your gas mileage it is best to start with one of our DIY Hydrogen Generator Guides.

The guides are less then $100 and show you everything about how these devices work, how to build them from start to finish and how to install them. As a bonus each of our diy hydrogen generator guides also comes with the information you will need to tax advantage of the tax breaks associated with these green energy devices. You could build one of these devices in a few short hours and have it installed with in an hour. We highly recommend you consider the DIY method before buying any of our pre-built models.

The genesis hydrogen generator complete kit will run you $190.To pick up the Genesis Hydrogen Generator Complete Kit Follow The Button Below:

Genesis Hydrogen Generator Complete Kit

All of the diy guides are less then $100 for the diy guide. These all also come with tax rebate forms and info. Once you purchase one of these guides you will be able to build your own hydrogen generator for less then $50 in parts depending upon what type of parts you decide to go with as well as what guide. These are the Diy guides we recommend to build your own hydrogen generator:

Click Here to Visit Run Auto With Water – The #1 Guide

Click Here to Visit Gas 4 Free – The #2 Guide

Click Here to Read Our Reviews of All of the Top 3 Guides

Either Run Auto With Water (#1 on our Hydrogen generator plan review page) or Gas 4 Free (#2 on our Hydrogen generator plan review page) will make it easier for you to really learn about DIY Hydrogen Generators Plans!

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