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More and more talk has hit the streets about hho fuel. Many are still clueless as to hho fuel cell technology and why it is not being used more from both automobile manufacturers and semi truck manufacturers. Another major concern many of our customers have is why are our governments not enforcing the use of this grand technology. Though out this post we will share with you many of the answers you may be having regarding hho fuel. As well as share with you a few places you can go to purchase hho fuel cell kits.

HHO Fuel is fuel generated by water. How the fuel is constructed has been no mystery for we have all used the technology at one point or another in school. By adding an electrical current to water we can separate water into its elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen. This process of separation is known as electrolysis. HHO Fuel technology was originally invented in the late 1800 by Nikola Tesla. While the technology was well ahead of its time. We have still yet begun to implement it fully to our everyday lives. HHO Fuel also known as hydroxy fuel or browns gas is becoming increasingly popular all over the world cor its gas savings. Deny Klien was one of the first to experience the benefits of HHO Fuel.

While Deny has had his hho fuel car for the past 7 years now. It is with out a doubt the technology does work and should be implemented by our auto and truck makers. Yet they continue to produce gas guzzlers while gas prices continue to climb. While it is not fully known as to why the auto makers have not begun implementing this technology as of yet. Although the cars and trucks produced every single year continue to get better gas mileage. By simply adding an HHO Fuel cell they could get as much as 117% increase instantly from their vehicles.

On the other hand our governments did not want people to go green using hho fuel or any other alternative fuel. For the simple fact our governments owned well over a tenth of all the major oil companies. There for it would be a major conflict of interest to them to want this technology to succeed. On the other hand our governments now see this as an opportunity and are rewarding people who use this technology with a major tax break of up to $2000 of there yearly income taxes. This is believed to be because of the jobs this would open up in this dreadful market place where over 19% of all Americans are out of work. Things are changing fast be sure to check out the top guides below.

If you’ve been looking to convert your car to an alternative fuel (or to build a HHO gas Generator to help save on your fuel bill) these are the guides we recommend:

Click Here to Visit Run Auto With Water – The #1 Guide

Click Here to Visit Gas 4 Free – The #2 Guide

Click Here to Read Our Reviews of All of the Top 3 Guides

Either Run Auto With Water (#1 on our review page) or Gas 4 Free (#2 on our review page) will make it easier for you to really learn about DIY HHO Gas Generators!

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