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I am sure many of you already know about the technology of hho and hydrogen fuel cars. I am betting on the other hand you are like many and do not know hho is what is being used to build today’s hydrogen fuel cars. By the end of this post you will know how to use hho to turn your current car into a hydrogen fuel car. We will try to give you as much detail as possible about using HHO, how to turn your vehicles in to hybrid hydrogen fuel cars.

HHO How To Build Hydrogen Fuel CarsFirst thing you must know is why I used the word hybrid and what a hybrid car really is. A hybrid car is really just a simple term used to express that the vehicle is using 2 seperate fuel sources. One fuel source is electric and the other most of the time is gas. However we want a hybrid hydrogen fuel cars. There for we need to us hho and gas.

You might be asking what is hho. HHO is again just a simplified term for expressing the elements of water. As we all know there is only two elements to water. These elements are two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Once again we all know hydrogen is most abundant resources we have on this planet. Since water alone contains two parts hydrogen we can use that to make the hydrogen needed to power our cars.

HHO Electroysis ProcessTo do this we use a simple electrolysis which we have all done in school at one time or another. What is needed to make the hho is water, baking soda or other type of potassium nitrate and a power source. Since we will be using this hho gas in our new hydrogen fuel cars. Our power source will be the cars battery. Now we have made these hho devices out of mason jars. Although using the mason jar you will not get the amount of hho required to see any type of boost in our cars cas mileage. There for we mostly use pvc piping to build our hho fuel cell to help power our current hydrogen fuel cars.

HHO How To Make HHO Work In Your EngineIf you would like to see an example of how this works. Take any clear glass and fill it with water. Once you have you clear glass of water add about a table spoon of backing soda to it. Then take any 9 volt battery and place it in the glass. You will notice bubbles coming up to the surface of the water. This is the hho gas. On one terminal of the battery is the hydrogen gas and the other is the oxygen. Simply feeding this hho gas into our cars air intake system. We will instantly turn any vehicles into a hybrid hydrogen fuel cars. There will need to be some slight modification to the O2 sensors but nothing a little tin foil can’t fix. This only needs to be done so that we draw in more air then gas. Since we are now using hydrogen as an added fuel source for our car. Thus increasing gas mileage, performance, emissions and most importantly helping to save the environment at the same time.

Honea-Path-Police Hydrogen Fuel CarsWhile we did not go into full details as to how to build hydrogen fuel cars. Yet you should now have a pretty good idea as to how hho works and how you can benefit from using it as an added fuel source to your new hydrogen fuel cars.  If you would like more information on hho how to build hydrogen fuel cars simply leave a comment. Or if you think you are ready to begin designing your own hho hydrogen fuel car. We recommend you pick up one of our top guides to guide you through the process of building a hydrogen generator.

If you’ve been looking to convert your car to an alternative fuel (or to build a HHO gas Generator to help save on your fuel bill) these are the guides we recommend:

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Either Run Auto With Water (#1 on our review page) or Gas 4 Free (#2 on our review page) will make it easier for you to really learn about DIY HHO Gas Generators!

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