Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Make your car fuel efficient with HHO Technology!

How can I make a dry cell HHO? This is the one question many are asking.

While the “HHO dry cell” remains the most popular hho device amongst many who are using HHO generators or even HHO electrolyzers. The term “dry cell” has many confused simply because they are wondering how using an electrolysis of water to make the HHO gas if the unit will run dry. In reality these HHO dry cells use an electrolyte with in the water. Just like any other HHO electrolyzer does. While the only real difference is the design and the properties of the HHO dry cell make it that much more efficient HHO generator.

Making a dry cell HHO is a very easy process. You do this by taking the electricity from your cars battery and separate it into two gases Oxygen and Hydrogen. Which than makes what we now call HHO gas or Hydroxy fuel. HHO gas burns effectively and supplies more then enough energy. HHO has the stability of water yet has the atomic power of hydrogen. This is the reason why the use of HHO is very safe yet just as effective at the same time.

The benefits of using HHO gas to run your car are boundless. HHO gas has proven to increase gas mileage by as much as 116%, which is by far a lot on any persons standards. If you installed a few more systems you could get a better increase in gas mileage. A few other benefits of using hho gas to power your car are an increase in horsepower, reduced emissions and a increase in your vehicles life. You will get huge savings on your current gas bill. The increase in gas miles you will be getting would save you money at the pump and put more money in your pocket.

Most important factor for using a dry cell hho and running your car on water would help you do your part to save the environment and the world we all live in. Not just for us but for our kids, grandkids and their grandkids. Here at hhogaskitwizard.com we have a number of plans available for purchase. You can also pick up ready built HHO dry cell devices at our store. For a full review of the top three hho hydrogen generator gas kits or to pick up our top guide Run Auto with Water.

If you’ve been looking to convert your car to an alternative fuel (or to build a HHO gas Generator or a HHO Dry Cell Device to help save on your fuel bill) these are the guides we recommend:

Click Here to Visit Run Auto With Water – The #1 Guide

Click Here to Visit Gas 4 Free – The #2 Guide

Click Here to Read Our Reviews of All of the Top 3 Guides

Either Run Auto With Water (#1 on our review page) or Gas 4 Free (#2 on our review page) will make it easier for you to really learn about DIY HHO Gas Generators!

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