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Water to Gas can Increase Fuel Economy

Posted by admin on Aug-24-2011 under HHO Fuel Cell

Motorists nowadays are in increasing fuel economy with their vehicles, and water to gas devices is the answer to increase fuel economy.

Here are a few facts to consider.

There is now the technology to make use of water to gas, which is geared towards improving fuel consumption and maximizing mileage per gallon of fuel.

However, there are also very good and practical tips you could follow to increase fuel economy.

Proper maintenance- one of the simplest and best ways to increase fuel efficiency is to make sure you proper maintenance is performed on the vehicle. The most important maintenance you can do is to check the air in your tires. Tire pressure should be kept at its maximum pressure to keep your vehicle from being strained.

The tire pressure should also be balanced between tires.

Another routine maintenance process is checking for oil levels and regular oil change, which can also help since proper lubrication can reduce stress in the engine.

Travel light- better fuel economy also means lightening the load on your vehicle. Hauling heavy equipment, tools, even luggage and other heavy items can strain your vehicle and lower the miles per gallon your vehicle gets. The heavier the car is loaded, the more fuel it takes to burn for the car to compensate for the weight it is carrying.

Only load heavy items when necessary. The next time you get a new vehicle, you may want to look for a car that has a lighter weight, since you’ll automatically get better gas mileage.

Stop and go- braking and accelerating can really drag down gas mileage.

Whenever possible, avoid taking routes with several stops. You can also try slowing down further from potential stops, instead of braking often, especially for stick-shift vehicles, the lower the transmission gear, the higher the fuel consumption.

Optimum speed- each car has an optimum speed power and it usually ranges between 30-60 mph, depending on your car.

The optimum speed is the rate at which your car gets the best gas mileage possible, especially for automatic transmission vehicles. Try to stay as close to this speed as you can, as often as you can.

Although this may take a little more practice, patience, and planning on your part to get into the habit of doing it, but once you get to master it, you can really increase your fuel economy.

Make use of your trip computer- any new vehicle, especially hybrids, are now including a trip computer as part of the package. This is a computer that displays your fuel economy, so you can see the efficiency of your vehicle at any given time.

Although this device alone doesn’t do anything for your gas mileage, it will help you notice when you need to make adjustments and maintenance.

With this you will be more aware of your car and drive more efficiently. If you don’t have a car that has one built in, you can buy one for your current vehicle.

These are just a few of the techniques you may want to consider using to increase your fuel economy, especially with your water to gas system.

These are all simple techniques that any driver can use and while there are plenty of advanced techniques that you can research and use if you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll feel better that you were able to make the most out of your efforts to save money.

Even if water to gas can increase fuel economy, the most important thing you can do is to plan and making that effort can really help you increase your gas mileage.

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