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HHO Generator Guides And HHO Parts List

Posted by admin on Mar-20-2010 under Gas Kits, HHO

With more and more people converting over to a hho booster. One thing that needs to be known is where to find the hho parts. While hho parts can really be found and you local hardware store. Which will also make the prices for these hydrogen parts very depending on the buyers location. While you have many options available starting right now. First take the list of parts I am about to give you and head over to your local hardware store and purchase them. Then once you have all the parts that are needed to build your own hydrogen booster you can begin to try and construct the hho booster. However I personally recommend picking up a HHO Booster guide before doing so. The guide will run you in the range of $40-100. While you should be able to pick up all the parts for under $100. Saving you at least that much every single month on gas.

A simple run down of the parts need are as followed:

  • 4 in diameter pvc pipe 12 inches long
  • 4 in diameter pvc pipe end cap
  • 4 in diameter pvc pipe screw cap
  • 90 deg quick connect fitting
  • Level indicator Nylon barbed tube fitting
  • Quarter inch I.D. Poly sight tube
  • Stainless steel switch covers
  • Stainless steel straps 12 inches long
  • 3/4 Inside diameter Clear poly tube
  • 5/16″ stainless steel bolts 1.25″ long
  • 5/16″ stainless steel nuts and washers
  • 5/16″ diameter nylon threaded rod
  • 5/16″ inch nylon washer 1.6 mm thick
  • 5/16″ – 18 s/s jam nuts (7/32″ thick)
  • 90 degree Bubbler Fittings
  • Check valve
  • Pvc glue
  • 5/16″ Neoprene sealing washer
  • Tool dip – 14.5 oz

With these parts you will be able to begin saving hundreds of dollars every single month. Putting all these parts together to make you own hho generator is easier then one might think. With the proper guide you will be able to take these simple hho parts and begin building your own alternative hydrogen fuel cell generator.

We highly recommend you pick up a complete guide before building your own hho generator or hho booster. While some guides are better then others there is one a cut above the rest. With run auto with water’s DIY hho generator guide. You will get three guides in one. Along with full life time access for new hho generator designs they produce. The three guides you will receive from run auto on water currently come in three stages. These three stages are advanced, novice and beginner. So that even if you have no experience with cars or are a seasoned mechanic you will be able to build and install your own hydrogen booster and start saving hundreds on gas. There are ready built kits available as well. However these ready built kits can run you in excess of $200 or more with out knowing how to install it in your current car. There for we highly recommend you pick up a complete DIY HHO guide from our home page.

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