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With the current gas prices SOARING. So many of us are looking for a way to save one gas any way possible. That’s when I started researching gas conversion kits. Many of these kits claimed to give you the best gas mileage over any car out on the market today. What I was able to find with all of my research and testing out of these kits is that many where completely correct in saying they get better gas mileage then many newer cars.

First let me tell you just a little bit about my self. My name is Jason Taylor i am a certified mechanic who has been in the industry for many years. A couple of years ago I was looking for a way i could save some money on gas. Mainly because I knew the market was taking a turn for the worse and boy was I right. Gas prices soared to over 5.00 a gallon. So I took my shop in southern Chicago and asked my team if they would be willing to try out a few things so that we could help our customers to save some money in the Chicago area.

Some of the things I made them look for while doing this research.

  • Increase in gas mileage
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Make sure not to void warranty
  • And Many Many Many more
  • Once we where done with our market research on many of these gas conversion kits. We placed the top three of the hundreds we tested. Rating each of the kits we where able to find the ones that where the easiest to use as well as save our customers the most money possible.

    So lets get down to it shall we. Gas prices are again going on the rise. So many of you will be looking for a way to start saving money on your long commutes to work. One way you will be looking to do this is by converting your current car into a a hybrid car. You can do this rather simple with many of the gas conversion kits on the market today. However you need to watch out for a few things.

    First keep in mind some of the gas conversion kits on the market will void your cars warranty. So you will need to make sure you pick a gas conversion kit that will not do this with your newer car. So to save you alot of money on repair bills.

    Second you need to make sure the kit is either easy to make your self or have made by your local mechanic of a friend who likes to work on cars and build things. If you are not to mechanically inclined you may be better off asking a friend to help you build it for you. Bribing them with $5-20 dollars most of the time will do the trick.

    You will also need to keep in mind price does matter. Even though the money you could be saving is astronomical. Many of the gas conversion kits on the market cost more then $200 dollars. You can find many of the gas conversion kits under 100 but you may try 10-20 of these kits before you find one that does actually work.

    These are just a few of the things you need to watch out for when you are trying to turn your current car in to a green powered machine. Turning you current car is not only better for you and your pocket but it is also better for the environment. Since these kits will not only make your car get better gas mileage. The fuel from one of the gas conversion kits runs simply of water and an electrolyte like backing soda.

    The gas produced by one of these kits is called hho{hybrid hydrogen oxide}. You will actually get a horse power increase by running one of the conversion kits in your car. This is because the hydrogen that you will be using to aide your car with gas actually burns hotter and far more cleaner. Following these few things could save you thousands at the pump every year.

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    When looking for conversions cng kits it may be more difficult than one may think. There are a number of things you would need to look for to make sure the kit is right for you.

    Ask your self just a few simple questions

    1. Is a cng conversion kit something I really want?
    2. Is a cng conversion kit something I really need?
    3. Can I really build the conversion kit my self?
    4. Will it be easy to install?
    5. What kind of increase will I get with a cng conversion kit?
    6. How much with the kit cost me?
    7. Can you afford to have some one install it for you if you can not do so your self?
    8. Will it void my cars warranty?

    Once you ask your self these 8 questions you are ready to start shopping for a cng conversion kit for your car.

    From my experience as a mechanic for several years now I have found that building a natural gas conversion kit. Is actually quite simple. Even though it may be quite simple. You simply do not get the results for a cng conversion kit as you would from a hho conversion kit.

    CNG kits are widely used in California at the moment. This does not mean you do not need to place one of these kits on your car as well. You will get far better gas mileage then a conventional oil fueled car. It is also far better for the environment the a fossil fueled car. Natural gas is also in abundance here on earth as well as renewable.

    Although is it really worth the money it may cost you to purchase a cng conversion kit. Well this is depending on the kit you purchase. I have seen some of these kits go for as much as 300$. Although it would be well worth it in the long run you may not have that kind of money just laying around. Especially in today’s economy.  I have tried many of these kits my self at our shop.  While the hho gas conversion kits seem to be cheaper at the moment. You can still find some relatively cheap cng conversion kits like  click here

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    I want to share with you how supplemental hydrogen conversion kits can increase your cars gas mileage as well as the power of your engine almost instantly.

    You will notice a huge difference the first time you fill up your gas tank after installing one of these hydrogen gas devices, because you will have gone much farther on your tank of gas than you had been able to before installing the supplemental hydrogen fuel cell generator. Even a small improvement to your engine can save at least 10% of your money on fuel, which in the current times it could be significant savings.

    Supplemental hydrogen gas conversion generators will also help your car to run smoother and cleaner. You will produce fewer emissions from your engine, which is particularly helpful if you live in areas that require emissions testing, such as the state of California, Chicago, and New York. In fact, these gas conversion kits or similar devices that reduce emissions may be necessary on vehicles that belong to Californians as early as February 2010, as the state is expected to increase the requirements for emissions tests.

    Without having one of these gas conversion kits on your car, you will not pass the future emissions test. Also, since the burning of hydrogen helps clean out the carbon residue in your engine, you will have fewer costs for repairs and maintenance when you use these in your vehicles.

    The bottom line is that a supplemental hydrogen gas conversion generator kit will save you money in many ways. A supplemental hydrogen conversion generator is a product to help you make the most out of the money you spend each month on fuel.

    Alternative fuels are coming, but until you have one of these vehicles in your garage. Installing a supplemental hydrogen conversion generator on your existing vehicle is the best option for you right now to increase your car’s fuel efficiency. For complete details and video instructions on how to build a device like this you can check out this site with a simple click of the mouse <<< Click Here >>>

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    Even though the first fuel cell was developed in 1839, some are saying that the hydrogen fuel cell car has great potential and is the logical choice right now.  These cars are not expected to be marketed in large numbers earlier than 2014.  They are being called the green cars since they anticipate that energy will be saved and the harmful emissions will be reduced.  With the skyrocketing cost of gasoline and the publicised crisis among the automobile community, there has been a re commitment to participating in solving these problems.  The most favorable location for fuel cell vehicle research is California, The California Fuel Cell Partnership.   Many major automobile companies have settled there working on these new technologies.

    Hydrogen doesn’t occur naturally, it needs to combine with some thing in order to be used as fuel.  It is not a fuel source but an energy carrier.  The interest in the hydrogen fuel cell car is the hope that it will avoid the use of fossil fuel inputs and avoid the carbon dioxide emissions.  They are looking to develop vehicles that are comparable or better than the ones we have now in style and function.

    While the price of a new hydrogen fuel cell car is supper expensive, you can have your own existing car converted to run on hydrogen.  If you are feeling extra handy you can even purchase a kit and do it yourself.  According to the ads, they are easy to install and won’t damage the car.  The gas is created by using water and electricity.  This method allows an increase in gas mileage of up o fifty percent.  Your family will appreciate the money you save on the gas.  The engine will perform better and you will be doing you part in preventing smog in the air.

    Many automakers are researching the hydrogen fuel cell car using their own money and federal money.  They are still facing issues such as the high cost of this purchase by the consumer.  They are motivated to reducing our dependence on foreign fuel.  Another concern is to lower the greenhouse gases being released.  Many Americans now see how critical these needs are. They have made a commitment to make a difference in their everyday life with the choices they make. Many see these cars as the next logical step toward energy independence.  Take a look, the hydrogen fuel cell car kit could be your best option also.

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    Improving Your Car Gas Mileage

    Posted by admin on Dec-11-2009 under HHO Fuel Cell

    For many people around the country filling up their vehicle with gasoline has become an almost unaffordable expense. If you are finding it more difficult each day to stretch your dollar to cover the cost of fuel then it may be time for you to look into a way to get better car gas mileage. By converting your car to run with gas and water you can shave a considerable amount of money from your fuel costs. It makes no difference what type of vehicle you drive, be it a car, truck, tractor trailer or an RV, you can convert to hybrid hydrogen oxide (HHO) and save your hard earned money that you have been spending on fuel. HHO is two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen.  In addition, while saving you money on fuel, it also lowers emissions and helps to prevent global warming.

    Turning your car into a water burning machine is really quite simple. You won’t have to change anything on your vehicle like your cars brain or engine because all you will have to do is fill the device with water and start your car. After your car is started the electricity from your battery separates the water (H2O) into (HHO). Using this method to help supplement your fuel usage can help you double or even triple your car gas mileage. You can even benefit from the IRS by using this green technology on your car.

    The installation of one of these HHO kits provides faster acceleration, stronger engine power and eliminates engine “ping”. They have even been proven to work in freezing temperatures so it doesn’t matter what climate you live in an HHO kit will work for you. The kits that are needed to convert your vehicle to HHO are readily available and can be purchased for less than thirty dollars. This conversion is simple to perform when following the step by step instructions that are included in the kit and will not void the warranty that you have on your car. Improving your car gas mileage is easy and affordable to accomplish when using an HHO converter kit.

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    If you are thinking of ways to save money, then you might want to consider an HHO Gas Conversion for your car. HHO gas based vehicle systems are some of the latest breakthroughs in fuel technology, creating an environmentally friendly fuel system. The HHO system gives you the best gas mileage compared to other systems, and allows you to save money on gasoline costs, drastically reducing car emissions. These new fuel systems rely on HHO gas to assist with combustion, revolutionizing the way we look at fuel consumption and the economy of cars. Although not a widely known system, it is gaining a lot of attention with the rise in gasoline prices over the past couple of years, due to it’s increase in gas mileage and it’s low cost.

    HHO Technology can save the average American driver in excess of $1,000 dollars a year in gasoline prices alone. You can see an increase of 30% – 50% in gas mileage by using an HHO system to achieve the best gas mileage you can. Not only does this technology increase the mileage, but will also improve the performance and power of your car, prolonging the engine’s lifespan. It dramatically increases the efficiency of your car’s engine, which provides you with the best gas mileage possible. The system is easy to install, and is very affordable for the average Joe, when compared to higher priced solutions such as hybrid cars. If you are looking for a way to get the best gas mileage, while helping to save our environment from emissions.

    The way this technology works is amazingly simple. The technology will not interfere or cause damage to your car’s engine or it’s computer system. You essentially place a quart size container filled with distilled water, and a small amount of baking soda, under the hood of your car. The system is electrically powered, approximately 12 volts, from the engine. It creates a vacuum and produces the HHO Gas, which is then pushed into the engine’s manifold or carburettor. A simple, yet effective system to provide you the best gas mileage your car has ever seen.

    Using an HHO water system for your car is part of a growing solution to the rising of gasoline prices. Using a hybrid car is one option to combating the ever growing gasoline prices, but can be extremely expensive. However, it is extremely easy to get the best gas mileage possible, while not spending a fortune to do so, by using an HHO water system for your vehicle. You can save money today, increasing your car’s gas mileage, and help to save our environment with the one simple, basic HHO system.

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    Saving Money With Car Driving Changes

    Posted by admin on Aug-27-2009 under HHO Fuel Cell

    We are all looking for ways to save money and do more with less. Faltering economies have the advantage of nudging us to live more economically. One area we can save money on is car fuel efficiency. Look on the Internet under car fuel efficiency to get some really good advice on line for saving money driving your car. Saving money driving has several areas to look into. You need to buy the most fuel efficient car you can afford. Whatever car you have needs to be in the top condition you can make it. You need to plan your driving to be efficient in miles per trip. You need to drive smarter.

    If you can afford a new or newer car, now is the time to purchase it. There are government programs out there to help you get more fuel efficient cars. There is the federal tax credit program for purchasing fuel efficient cars.There is the program to get clunkers off the road. Wherever you live, check out the government programs and tax credits. Your purchase should be based on car fuel efficiency as well as the other features you like. Car dealers are having slow sales times, so bargain for the best price.

    When you have the best car you can afford for car fuel efficiency, you need to keep it in the best shape for results. Tires should have the correct air pressure for the make of car. 29 pounds per inch works best for many models. Keep checking your fuel filter to make sure that it is clear and clean. These two things can save you 5% of fuel use. Make sure your car is regularly tuned up and the oil changed. Everything wrong and not fixed on your car can effect the gas mileage.

    You may not realize that the way you drive to you destination is not always the shortest route. Look at the map and try to find the shortest route to each of your common destinations. Saved miles translate into saved gas at the pump. Also consider timing of trips. If you leave 10 minutes sooner or later, will you avoid traffic congestion?? Does one route have steep up ward hills? Does one direction have less stop lights and intersections?

    The last thing to work on to increase your car fuel efficiency is the human factor. Aggressive driving wastes gas and costs you money at the pump. Keep your driving speed at 70 MPH or lower and save up to 20%.  If you are getting out of the car -turn it off. It can save 10%

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    The environment has become a big issue lately, with more and more people trying to do what they can to keep from harming the environment. This includes driving more fuel efficient cars, and driving cars that don’t produce as many emissions, as well as driving less if this is possible for them. Hybrids are becoming more and more popular for this reason. The next step along the way toward environmentally friendly cars is to get zero emission cars such as hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road. There are a lot of efforts being made at this time to make this happen. The cars are being developed, but the necessary hydrogen production and distribution network isn’t really keeping up. There are not enough hydrogen stations for it to be feasible for the average American to own and drive one of these cars. California is the furthest along on this project.

    However, if you would like to learn a bit more about how hydrogen fuel cell cars work, there are a number of kits that you could purchase in order to build your own hydrogen model car. These come with different experiments so that you can learn more about this type of fuel and how it works. Thames and Kosmos makes these kits, which are great for curious kids and adults. They need to be used with adult supervision by older kids since they involve the use of some chemicals that need to be used properly in order to be safe.

    There are also a number of kits available that people can use to try to turn their own cars into hydrogen fuel cell cars. This won’t result in true fuel cell cars that run on hydrogen alone, but is meant to make it so that you can run your car using a combination of water and gas. It is supposed to make your car more like a hybrid. It is important to do your research though before trying anything like this. You wouldn’t want to end up damaging your car by experimenting with this. Although these kits are not all that expensive, a lot of costly damage could be done. It is best to check into whether this is safe to do with your car before trying it.

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    While this summer has not seen the rapid jumps in gasoline prices that we saw last summer we still are paying a lot for our gasoline.  With the nationwide averages running in the mid two dollar range it has become commonplace for a family to run well in excess of fifty dollars a week in gasoline bills.  This coupled with the downturn in the economy has left a lot of us looking for ways to stretch our car operating expense budget.   One of the ways that is being considered by many people is a conversion to the hydrogen engine for better fuel mileage.

    The hydrogen engine has been tested on buses in Chicago and on motor pool vehicles in the State of California.  In all cases the vehicles that had undergone conversion got far better fuel mileage than their counterparts that ran on gasoline or diesel.  The reason is simple. when you break down water you get a hydrogen ion and a hydroxide ion.  Hydrogen is highly combustible and when it burns produces a rapid source of energy that is much more powerful than that produced by gasoline.  And the cost of a gallon of water is measured in pennies while that of gasoline is measured in dollars.

    The technology now exists for individuals to convert their cars to a hydrogen engine without going through the major capital investments that the governmental agencies incurred.  In fact the average car owner can do the modification in their own garage for just a few dollars worth of material that can be purchased at their hardware store.  The power for breaking down the water is provided by the cars battery and at such a low rate that there is no appreciable change in the life expectancy of the battery.

    The conversions from a strictly fossil fueled (gasoline) car to a car that has its fuel supplemented by hydrogen is a simple process that can be done by a person with little to no mechanical skills.  The instructions that are available online give clear directions and tell you where to get the necessary parts to assemble it.   Once installed the water is taken into the system just before it enters the cylinder where combustion takes place.  It is so simple that it can be just as easily removed from the system if necessary.

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    With gas prices frequently going up to levels that consumers are not happy paying due to our dependence on oil and gas, and an increasing number of people who want to be more environmentally friendly, it is not surprising that many car companies are coming up with designs for cars that run on alternative fuels. One of the more popular design ideas is that of hydrogen fuel cars. A number of different companies are working on these designs, though most are not yet available to the general public. However, some of these cars have reached the testing stage and are on the roads today. It will take a while before these become widely available though.

    One of the options for hydrogen fuel cars that has been tested on the road by real people is the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle. It doesn’t have any emissions, which is great for the environment. Another option is the Honda FCX Clarity, which is actually available for lease on a limited basis. These two vehicles have each won awards for their environmentally friendly designs, and they are a couple of the options that have come the furthest in development.

    Many automakers have jumped onto the hydrogen bandwagon and are in the process of designing and producing hydrogen fuel cars, either those that run on fuel cells or those that use a combustion engine. There are also hybrid hydrogen cars on the drawing boards. Companies working on cars using hydrogen fuel include Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Guigiaro, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Nissan, Peugeot, Pininfarina, Renault, Suzuki, Think, Toyota and Volkswagon. Which of these cars will ultimately end up on the market? It is hard to say, especially since there are so many other options out there for environmentally friendly and hybrid cars.

    The main problem with these vehicles is that there isn’t a real good infrastructure of stations offering hydrogen to refill your tank. California has the best infrastructure in the U.S. so far, but the number of stations still isn’t that great, and the quality of the stations varies. Before these hydrogen fuel cars can really take over the market this will have to be fixed. California is one of the states that purchases the most cars, so if they can get the hydrogen fuel infrastructure fixed, maybe the cars will take off and become popular enough that other states will get on board and start creating more hydrogen fueling stations.

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